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5day Hiking Evrytania, Κarpenisi - Agrafa

23 Jul 22 - 30 Jul 22
7 days
5day Hiking Evrytania, Κarpenisi - Agrafa

5day Hiking Evrytania, Κarpenisi - Agrafa


The Prefecture of Evritania is predominantly mountainous and is located in a fairly isolated location in the center of Greece. Its geographical boundaries include some of the most beautiful mountains, gorges and rivers of the country, which together offer a unique ecosystem, ideal for the preservation of the rich biodiversity that has developed in recent decades in the wider region. The beautiful landscapes and secluded paths that lead to nature and the monuments of the place`s history, attract travelers and adventure lovers from all over the world.
Most of the area of the prefecture is covered by dense pine forests that grace the valleys, while steep ravines and high peaks emerge from wherever you are. Evritania is a sparsely populated place with vast forest areas and scattered small villages, hidden on its verdant mountain slopes. Some of them are now uninhabited, while most maintain a small population engaged in traditional professions plus operation of accommodation and restaurants. The capital of the prefecture is Karpenisi at an altitude of 950 meters, with 7,200 permanent residents. The cultural characteristics of the area are strong and testify to the long history of the place, as Karpenisi and the surrounding mountain villages of Evritania were bases and strongholds in the struggle for freedom during the various periods of war that Greece went through in the past.



23/7 Transfer from the airport to Karpenisi and town tour

• Arrival at a central hotel in Karpenisi
• Town tour / visit to the "Mountain Museum" and the Cultural History Center of Evritania
• Dinner in a central restaurant
The journey is via the National Road from Thessaloniki to Lamia and the main provincial road, which leads from the city of Lamia west to the mountainous capital of Evritania, Karpenisi.
• A stop at a rest area is recommended before the national road exit for Lamia.
Route: Thessaloniki - Lamia - Karpenisi -> 318km / 4 hours

Day 1

24/7 Road tour and hiking in the southern part of the prefecture

Hiking / River trekking "Prousos - Black Cave - Pantavrechi gorge "
The tour of the mountains of Evritania begins with a day visit to the narrow valleys of the Karpenisioti and Krikelopotamos rivers, with the impressive gorges that characterize the southwestern part of the prefecture. Travel takes place by road through the valleys of the isolated area following the road that connects the north with the south, on the west side of Evritania. After the planned stops at the 2 impressive locations we choose to hike. The day tour is completed via a circular route, which reveals the hidden villages and the landscapes of rare beauty that we encounter along the route.

• Breakfast 7:30 – 8 am
• Departure by road for Prousos 8:30 am
• Arrival-guided tour of I.M. Prousou 9: 30-10:30 am
• Hiking start 10:45 am "Prousos - Mavris Spilias gorge" trail lasting 1.5 hours
• End of hiking 12:15 pm
• Departure by road for Roska and the "Pantavrechi” gorge " in Krikelopotamos 12:30 pm
• Arrival at the starting point of the River route trekking 2 pm
• Start of a 40-minute hike in the Krikelopotamos gorge 2:15 pm
• Arrival - stay in Pantavrechi 3-4 pm
• Return to the vehicles 4:40 pm
• Departure by road for food in the village of Krikelo 5 pm
• Arrival - food in square 6 - 8 pm
• Departure by road to Karpenisi 8:15 pm
• Arrival at the hotel 9pm
• Free time

Day 2

25/7 Hiking crossing "Megalo Chorio - Kaliakoudas Shelter - Aniada " 8km / 5 hours

• Breakfast 7: 30-8:30 am
• Departure by car from the hotel to Megalo Chorio 8:40 am
• Arrival - start of hiking 9 am

We board the minibus and depart for a short 15 minute journey to the village of Megalo Chorio, south of Karpenisi. The route starts from the village square, at an altitude of 670 meters at the foothills northwest of the Kaliakouda mountain range. The square is a few meters away from the Karpenissiotis river that crosses the valley a little lower down. The path goes uphill with gentle slopes from the village to the shelter and passes through forest locations of special natural beauty with a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Dense pines and deciduous trees adorn the slopes of the mountain, while the vast range of Kaliakouda is stunning as the visitor approaches the shelter, which is located at an altitude of 1,420 meters well below the peak. A fulfilling stop at the shelter for sightseeing, rest and breakfast is required before following the downhill path to the village of Aniada , on the east side where the day’s hiking route ends. The crossing of the forest zone that extends from Megalo Chorio to the west, to Aniada to the east on the north side of Kaliakouda is ideal for everyone and offers a wonderful view of a large part of the verdant area and the surrounding mountains!

• End of hiking 2 pm
• Departure by road to Megalo Chorio 2:30 pm (30 minutes travel)
• Arrival - food - shopping in the square 3 – 5 pm
• Departure by road to Karpenisi 5:15 pm
• Arrival at the hotel 5:30 pm
• Free time

Day 3

26/7 Hiking ascent - crossing in Velouchi "Sympetheriko - shelter - Psili Koryfi" 8km / 6 hours

• Breakfast 7:30-8:30 am
• Departure by road to the village of Stenoma 8:45 am
• Arrival at the starting point of the hike 9 am

We board the mini bus and depart for a short journey of just 15 minutes that will take us to the starting point of the hike, located on the road before the village of Stenoma, northwest of Karpenisi. The goal of the group is to cross the ridge of Mount Timfristos, passing through the peaks Sympetheriakos and Velouchi with an intermediate stop at the shelter, which stands at the saddle of the 2 peaks.
The hiking route starts from an altitude of almost 1,400 meters. It moves for a few minutes on a dirt road until it meets the entrance of the path that leads to the "Sympetheriko " peak with an altitude of 2,115 meters. Following an uphill course, the environment changes from forest to alpine and the view is revealed, in every direction! From the peak all the surrounding mountains, the rivers of Evritania, the lake of Kremasta to the west are clearly visible, as well as the neighboring complexes of the Pindos mountain range, which extend to the north and south. From Sympetherikos the course is more relaxed, passing on the high ridges and plateaus of Velouchi , to the highest peak of the imposing mountain called "Psili Koryfi " and an altitude of 2,312 meters. From Psili Koryfi we have an even more complete picture of the topography with the wonderful landscapes compensating for every effort made by the hikers during the climb.
In the development of the route, on a pass of the ridge line we encounter the shelter, where it is offered as a break before the final line of ascent to the highest peak, as well as for food and rest at the end of the day’s route..

• End of hiking 3pm
• Stop for food at the shelter 3-5 pm
• Departure by road to Karpenisi 5:15 pm
• Arrival at the hotel 5:45 pm
• Free time

Day 4

27/7 Departure by road for a 2-day stay in Western Agrafa / Agrafioti valley - Epiniana .Occasional stops for a tour of the Megdova Bridge and the old settlement of Viniani.

• Breakfast 8 – 9 am
• Departure 9:15 am
• Arrival at the single-arched bridge of Megdova 10:15 am
• Stop and short tour at the riverside location 10:15-11 am

The location of the stone, single-arched bridge of the 17thcentury , is of unique aesthetic and historical value. The banks of the river Megdova are accessible by vehicle from a short dirt road and generously offers visitors the shade of plane trees, while there are many who would seek a “cool down” by swimming in the quiet flow of the river.

• Departure by road for the abandoned settlement of old Viniani 11 am
• Arrival at the settlement 11:30 am
• Tour of the ruins and visit to the Historical Museum of Viniani 11:30–1 pm

The old Viniani village is built high in an advantageous location with a wonderful view of Velouchi and the valley of Megdova. In the past it was an excellent place to live with stone mansions showing the boom that prevailed for years in the area. During the the second world war it was an important base for the Greek guerrillas, where in 1944 they founded the Political Committee of National Liberation known as the first "Mountain Government". After the earthquake of 1966, which struck western Greece, many houses collapsed and the village was abandoned, its population displaced, while the ruins of the once traditional settlement still remain reminiscent of the history of the people who lived there. Many houses are still standing with cracks and decoration, which was saved from the catastrophic earthquake. The settlement is inhabited seasonally by 2 people while the Museum of the National Resistance is functioning.

• Departure for the village of Epiniana in the valley of the Agrafiotis river 1:10 pm
• Arrival in Epiniana 2:30 pm
• Installation in a central hostel of the village 3 pm
• Free time / in the hostel there is a tavern with a wonderful view

Epiniana is located in a key location overlooking the surrounding peaks of Agrafa and is offered as a base as the village is a hub of hiking trails.


Day 5

28/7 Hiking two-way movement in the Asprorema Gorge 8km / 5 hours

• Breakfast 8-9 am
• Hiking start from the hostel 9:15 am
• Arrival at the gorge of Asprorema 12 noon
• Access time 2 hours
• Stop 12–1 pm
• Return from the same path
• Arrival at the hostel 3 pm
• Free time

The hike starts from the village square at an altitude of 1050 meters. The route moves with a downhill slope crossing a part of the settlement from the asphalt road in a northerly direction. Very soon the slope changes and becomes softer as we meet the entrance of the path that leads through a spectacular route of 2 hours in the heart of the gorge of Asprorema . The gorge is located in a fairly secluded location, with dense vegetation and high mountain peaks surrounding it. The access path runs on its steep slopes and offers a unique view along its entire length. It is a human work of the 50`s, which connected the settlements of Epiniana and Asprorema on foot, serving the purpose of living of the locals in this rugged place. Pines, ostryas and maples along with a wide variety of shrubs, plants and herbs adorn the length of the route, while the roar of the stream entices the senses of every visitor who wanders the sanctuaries of the impressive gorge.


Day 6

29/7 Hiking crossing the valley of the Agrafiotis river "Epiniana - Agrafiotis – Aniforas Bridge - Karvasaras Bridge" 10km / 5 hours

-Leaving Epinia on foot and re-grouping at the end of the activity to travel to the lake of Kremasta and overnight stay back at Karpenisi.

Breakfast 7:30 - 8:30 am
* Start of hiking 9 am

The 7th day is the last day of our hiking time in the Evrytanian mountains. The last day’s route is completed with the downhill crossing of a remarkable part of the valley of the Agrafiotis river, which connects Epiniana with the bridge of Karvasaras much further south. The course moves in the opposite direction from that of Asprorema and in essence is an extension to the south. From the 1050 meters altitude and the square of Epiniana we follow a path south of a forest dirt road, which leads to the entrance of the path. The path of "Anifora" as the locals call it, gradually descends to the cliff of the Agrafiotis river, offering a unique view along the entire length of the valley and the surrounding mountains of the Agrafa mountain range. Low in the valley, the stream of Fteri merges with the dominant river Agrafiotis, where we encounter the stone single-arched bridge, also known as "the bridge of the Anifora (Uphill)". It is worth a stop at the bridge and the thick shade of the plane trees. From the bridge to the end of the route to Karvasaras , the slope of the path varies gently and the rest of the distance is covered with greater comfort following a long traverse.

• End of hiking 2 pm
• Departure by road from Karvasaras to the lake of Kremasta 2:30 pm
• Arrival at 3pm and stop at the lake lasting 30 minutes
• Departure by road at 3:30 pm from the lake and stop for food in the village of West Frangista
• Food and rest in the square 4-6 pm
• Departure for Karpenisi 6:15 pm
• Arrival at the hotel 7 pm
• Free time


30/7 Programme finish / Departure day for Athens.

• Breakfast 8 - 9 p.m.
• Departure 9:30 am
• The return trip takes place through the provincial road Karpenisi - Lamia, which brings us from the mountains to the east coast of central Greece to continue south following the National Road in the direction of Athens.
• An intermediate stop is recommended in Kammena Vourla.

Route: Karpenisi - Lamia - Athens -> 282km / 3 hours 20’