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6day Hiking Tzoumerka & Peristeri

16 Jun 22 - 23 Jun 22
7 days
6day Hiking Tzoumerka & Peristeri

6day Hiking Tzoumerka & Peristeri


Tzoumerka, Kakarditsa and Peristeri are three large, impressive mountains on the central axis of the Pindos mountain range, with strong geological aspects and endless ridges, which are connected to form a single complex. All three mountains together form a large part of the topography of the Athamanic Mountains and offer a special ecosystem with intense biodiversity.

Its main natural features are the limestone rocks, which stand out forming the impressive silhouette of the peaks, the rich pastures on the mountain slopes and plateaus, the dense forests and the intense hydrology, which erodes the labyrinthine mountain complex, creating ravines, ravines and impressive valleys carved at each level!

Countless, mountain springs, flowing even from the high altitudes above 2000m, feed the innumerable streams, which flow rapidly into the great rivers of the region, forming on their way, impressive waterfalls and narrow gorges almost all over the mountain.The challenge for the visitor comes not so much from the degree of difficulty in hiking and spending the night outdoors, as from the unsurpassed aesthetics of the landscapes and the living history of the place, which testify to the well-built stone bridges, the monasteries at the peaks of the gorges, the architecture of the traditional settlements and the old stone cobbled streets, which today arouse the interest of every thoughtful traveler.



16/6 Transfer from the airport to Kalarrytes
● The journey from the airport to Kalarrytes takes 4 hours. The journey takes place
through the National Road and mountain roads, crossing the plains of Macedonia
and the mountains of Central Pindos.
● The access to the mountain village of Kalarrytes in the northern part of Tzoumerka is
made from the pass of Baros (the highest road crossing in the country) with a
stopover in the main village of Metsovo.
● In the picturesque village of Kalarrytes , the stay of the first 4 days in a central hostel
16-20 / 6 is planned

1nd day

17/6 Circular hike "Kalarrytes - Chrousia Gorge - Syrrako - Kouyasa - Kalarrytes" 12km / 6

● Breakfast at 8-9 am
● Hiking starts at 9:30 am

The first day of the 7-day excursion to Tzoumerka begins with a beautiful route of 12
kilometers, located west of Kalarrytes. Its course is circular and reveals unspoiled natural
landscapes and locations with definitive cultural characteristics along its entire length. The
path we follow connects the two famous Vlach villages Kalarrytes and Syrrako and gives the
possibility of safe movement on the steep slopes of the gorge of Chrousia , which is formed
between them. Most of the route is on cobbled traditional paths inside the settlements, but
also on the slopes of the impressive gorge. Along the circular path we find old watermills,
bridges, springs and waterfalls that are a general feature of the area.


2rd day

18/6 Hiking crossing "Kalarrytes - Vyliza Monastery - Matsuki - Kamili waterfall »8km / 4

● Breakfast at 8-9 am
● 9:30 am 5 minute drive with vehicles to the entrance of the path
● 9:40 am hiking start

The starting point of the hike is in a panoramic position above the Karlimbou gorge, east of Kalarrytes. The route starts descending from the path that moves on the green slopes of
Karlimbos. Very soon it meets the shady plane tree at the bottom of the gorge and through the stone arched bridge it passes to the opposite bank. On the other side, the vegetation becomes denser, almost tropical due to the microclimate created by the countless streams that flow in the gorges of northern Tzoumerka. The path continues uphill to the Byzantine Monastery of Vyliza, located a few kilometers outside the village of Matsuki on a beautiful natural balcony, where it is worth making a satisfying stop for observation. The first building of the Monastery was founded in the 11th century. The monastery was important with a rich collection of manuscripts and a long history. It went through various stages of restoration over the centuries with the last attempt being made around 1980, where it has given its current form.
The courtyard of the monastery is built on the edge of the cliff and evokes the senses, while the view of the gorges and the mountains that surround the Monastery is breathtaking! From the monastery the course continues on a wide cobblestone path and moves horizontally on the vertical rocks of the steep valley formed west of Matsuki. The exit of the path from the village is only 400 meters and very soon one can enjoy the wonderful view of the mountains under the thick shade of the plane trees, which adorn the main square!

● End of hiking 1: 30-2 pm
● Rest, breakfast in Matsuki square 2:00-3:00pm
● Departure 3:15 p.m.
● Stop at the observatory of the 50-meter Kamili waterfall 3 : 30-4pm
● Stop at the monastery of Kipina 4: 30-5 pm
● Return to Kalarrytes 5:15 pm
● Free program


3th day

19/6 Hiking crossing "Pramanta - Kefalovryso Waterfall - Melissourgi" 12km / 6 hours

● Breakfast 8-9 am
● Departure by vehicles 9:30 am
● Arrival in the village of Pramanta 10:15 am
● Start of hiking 10:30 am

The route moves in a thick fir forest just below the majestically rising peaks in the northern part of the Tzoumerka mountain range. The trail is shady and often passes through springs
and streams. On the northeastern side of the mountain we find vertical slopes with spring water that pours from an altitude of 1,800 meters forming very high waterfalls with the largest reaching a length of 350 meters. The course is constantly moving in the forest area, which adorns the northeastern side of Tzoumerka. It offers wonderful views of the valley and the surrounding alpine peaks, which are astounding in their beauty.


The program is completed with the Two-day crossing of mt. Lakmos, also know as Peristeri

4th day

20/6 "1. Kalarrytes - Valtoneri - Verliga" 12km / 7 hours *camp

● Breakfast 7-8 am
● Hiking start 8:30 am

The route starts from the upper part of Kalarrytes at an altitude of 1250 meters and heads north to the largest part of Peristeri. The hike starts on the cobbled streets of the village and then continues on a farm track until the start of the path that leads to the alpine zone. The path, despite being at a high altitude, passes through springs with cool water, facilitating the efforts of hikers during the climb significantly. The route ascends with gentle slopes to the pastures and gradually leads to the ridge of the mountain. The view from the high peaks that follow each other is unique and highlights the landscapes of a large part of the Pindos mountain range. After an enjoyable course of 2 hours in the high ridges of Peristeri, the rarely beautiful plateau "Verliga" begins to be revealed. The campsite is set further away from Verliga at an altitude of 1.950m, in order to protect  and preserve the alpine lake`s senstitive ecosystem. Familiar features of the plateau are the active springs and the intricate formation created by their continuous flow in the ground.

● End of hiking 4:30 pm
● Camp organization 5:30 pm
● Dinner 6:15 pm


5th day

21/6 Downhill hiking " Verliga - Haliki" 8km / 5 hours

● Breakfast 7:30-8:30 am
● Camping equipment and luggage management 8: 30-9 am
● Hiking start 9:15 am

The departure route from the camp site begins with a downhill course crossing a remarkable part of eastern Peristeri. Intense karst fields, remnants of the glacial period, a wide variety of flowers and herbs with streams that form patterns in the soil of alpine meadows, are the first images during the descent from the plateau to the village of Haliki. From 1700m and below, the vegetation grows again where we find firs, cedars, beeches and fruit trees until the end of the route in the central square of the village.

● End of hiking 2 pm
● Stop in the square 2-2:30 pm
● Accommodation in the guest house of the village.


7th day

22/6 Departure from Haliki to Thessaloniki.

● Breakfast 8-9 am
● Departure 10 am