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7day Hiking Pelion & Meteora

27 May 22 - 03 Jun 22
8 days
Pelion & Meteora
7day Hiking Pelion & Meteora

7day Hiking Pelion & Meteora

27/5 Arrival in Thessaloniki and 2.5 hours’ drive by motorway to the city of Volos at the foot of Pelion.

1st day 

• Stop at the marina of Volos, lasting 1 hour marina walk and last-minute shopping (food, pharmacy, clothing, etc.)
• A 20-minute drive following the road that runs along the shores of the Pagasitic Gulf to the village of Kala Nera.
• Start of a short crossing hike / Kala Nera to Milies. 5km / 2.5 hours (on condition to have reached Kala Nera no later than 6pm).
We start our hiking program in Pelion with a gentle ascent route from the level of the Sea 0m, to the square of the village of Milies, which is built at an altitude of 400 meters. The route begins following the traditional cobbled path that connects the two villages. The beautiful cobbled path passes through old olive groves and ravines with plane trees, while going up to the popular village of Milies, entering the forest zone of the mountain with beech, oak, chestnut, fruit trees and a variety of fruit bushes.
During the ascent to Milies we will make a short stop at the old railway terminus of the Pelion train, located at the entrance to the village.
• Accommodation in Milies - a central hotel or hostel is recommended
• Food and music in the tavern “Liostasi”

2nd day

28/5 Hiking "Milies - Xourichti - Tsagarada" 11km / 6hours

• Breakfast 8-9am
• Hiking starts from the hotel 9:30 am
• Forest crossing route, duration 6 hours .
• The 11 km long route connects Milies to the villages of Eastern Pelion, Xourichti and Tsagarada. It passes through a forest area with beeches, chestnuts and poplars, while at lower altitudes we find fruit trees and arable land of the locals. Along the way we find ravines and springs, while the flowers and herbs that burst into bloom in May on the mountain of Centaurs are stunning!
• Accommodation in a central hotel in Taxiarches square. https://www.odoskentavron.gr/?page_id=320
• food in the tavern "Itamos"

3rd day

29/5 Hiking the coastline "Tsagarada - Damouchari - Plaka Ai Gianni" 7.5km / 4hours

• Breakfast 8-9am
• Hiking start from the hotel 9:30 am.
The route starts from the hotel, just a few meters from the square with the Church of Taxiarches square. We follow the central cobbled path that connects the three squares of Tsagarada on foot with a slightly downhill slope. The village is built at an altitude of 500 meters, having a beautiful view of the mountain and overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. Leaving the village and the last houses we continue our downhill course for the lacy coastline of East Pelion and the beautiful beach of Damouchari.
A short stop for snacks and drinks in the picturesque port of the seaside settlement and we continue for the three consecutive beaches, which extend further north. Papa Nero, Ai Giannis and Plaka each with their own character, offering all the facilities for a comfortable stay and enjoyment, but also geographically isolated areas for those seeking peace and relaxation. The end of the route finds us on the exotic beach of Plaka, unspoilt and uniquely beautiful.
• Swimming and snacks on the beach of Plaka.
• Free food
• 30 minutes drive by vehicles to Tsagarada

4th day

30/5 Day of rest and tour "Krifo scholio cave - Fakistra beach"

• Breakfast 8-9am
• Free time 9-11am
• Transportation by vehicles to the beach of Fakistra 11:15 am
• Visit to “Krifo scholio cave” and swimming on the beach of Fakistra
• 4pm departure for Tsagarada
• Free program

5th day

31/5 Departure from Tsagarada for Chania "Agriolefkes Ski Center - Schizouravli Peak" circular course 12km / 6 hours.

• Breakfast 7: 30-8: 30am
• Departure with luggage from the hotel at 8:45 am
• Arrival at the Ski Center at 9:30 am
• Hiking start 9:45 am
The route starts from the base of the ski center of Pelion at an altitude of 1,200 meters. We follow an uphill course for 10 minutes on the empty slopes of the ski resort to the entrance of the path, which leads through a lush forest with beeches and poplars to the peak of Schizouravli at an altitude of 1450 meters. The endless view of the whole peninsula of Pelion, which separates the Aegean Sea with the gulf of Pagasitikos, is unique, as are the verdant slopes of the mountain that reach the famous coasts of East and Central Pelion! Everywhere around mountains surrounded by the sea and below, the city of Volos with its port can be seen. From the top the return route to the ski center continues following a circular path from a different path. The return path moves in a horizontal line, well below the peak through a dense, beautiful forest. The return is a little easier, as shade, as well as freshwater springs are not missing, despite the route passing on the ridge of the mountain.
• Arrival at the ski resort at 4pm
• Choice of a short walk of 20 minutes, from the ski center to the hotel in Chania or transportation by vehicles.
• Food in the hotel or in a tavern in the area

6th day

1/6 Hiking crossing "Chania - Makrinitsa" 9km / 5 hours

• Breakfast 8-9am
• Hiking start from the hotel 9: am
Chania is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters and is the highest settlement of Pelion. Nowadays they have fewer houses than hotels, while the taverns and a small shop operate on the side of the main road. It functioned for centuries as a stopping point with inns for the passage of pedestrians and caravans, from the East to the West side of the mountain, enabling the villagers of Pelion to move and rest about halfway. The people who traveled on foot or with mules called these inns `Chania` and thus the name of the settlement is derived.
The route starts from the hotel and moves west towards the village of Makrinitsa. The path crosses part of the forest that surrounds the village and continues through beeches and pines to the small plateau on the ridge of the mountain, which reveals the city of Volos and the entire Pagasitic Gulf from an altitude of 1000 meters. Then it descends to Makrinitsa, which is located a little further down and meets a dirt road, which leads through orchards with apple and cherry trees on the main cobbled path. The first houses and some farmhouses of Makrinitsa are quite high up, as its buildings spread over a large area of the steep slope that it is built on. A cobbled path leads downhill to Makrinitsa square, where the unique view and the picturesque taverns “steal the show”.

7th day

2/6 Departure from Pelion for Kalambaka "hiking & accommodation in Meteora"

• Breakfast 8-8: 30am
• Departure for Kalambaka at 9am
• Arrival in Kalambaka and check-in at a central hotel at 12.
• Free time for rest or a walk in the town 12-4pm The Museum of Natural History and Mushrooms of Meteora is recommended
• 4:15 pm departure for Kastraki of Meteora
• 4:30 pm 2-hour hike on the paths that pass between the rocks and the Monasteries of Meteora.
• Food in a tavern in Kastraki at 7pm
• Return to the hotel / free program

8th day

3/6 Departure from Kalambaka to Thessaloniki with a stopover at the Castle of Platamonas and Litochoro.

• Kalambaka - Larissa - Platamonas - Litochoro beach - Thessaloniki
• Breakfast 7: 30-8: 30am
• Departure at 9pm
• Arrival at Platamonas Castle at 11am
• Arrival at the beach of Litochoro for swimming 12 pm
• Departure for Thessaloniki 2pm
• Arrival in Thessaloniki 3:30 pm